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August 2, 2019

Top 3 Innovative Web Design Trends that You Should Incorporate to Your Web Design Options

Web design is like cooking; you always need to experiment with different elements and ingredients to come up with an extraordinary dish. As a web designer, we all have our go-to Web Adelaide web design that we always choose on almost every project. However, for us to expand and enhance our skills, we need to explore different other web design trends. If you’re bold and adventurous, we have three innovative web design trends that you should check out:

web Adelaide web designGlitch Art

If you’re fond of retro designs, you may have heard about glitch art. It was a popular web design before, but the on-screen animation and videography didn’t mesh well with the modern-day minimalistic designs. However, it’s slowly making a comeback this year, as more and more designers have explored ways on how they can incorporate and get away using this design. The result is glitch art – which is also known as “retro went wrong.” Do you remember those moments when the crinkled film or a slow dial-up connection led to a distorted if unintentionally striking, image? That’s glitch art! Look it up on this link here.


This type of Web Adelaide web design has one purpose, which is to add the element of surprise and create an event that’s human and welcoming. In micro-interaction designs, every time you make a small action on a website or app, there’s this special response or effect that will happen. It’s pretty popular – if you refresh your Twitter page and you hear a beep, that’s a micro-interaction. When you’re checking Facebook, the red icons displaying your message or notification count is also a micro-transaction. Other subtle effects involve hovering and scrolling animations. Learn more about it here.



If you’re designing for an eCommerce store, then chatbots will make all the difference for you. If you want direct interaction with potential customers, you’ll need to provide a message box where they can type in their inquiries and complaints. You can always do this manually by monitoring your message box 24 hours a day. But that’s not entirely possible. That’s why you need to incorporate a chatbot and have them respond to you. That way, you can continue doing other important things while the chatbot assists your customers for you.

No matter how talented you are with Web Adelaide web design, keep in mind that there’s always room for improvement. So make sure you keep improving by learning new things about web design. Subscribe to our newsletter to get the hottest web design trends right to your inbox.