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SEO Step by Step

A general mistaken conviction of search engine optimization
is that all you have to do is submit your Website and then you are done. Search engine optimization is an ongoing process. While it certainly offers many rewards, it is not a, single click solution to bring more traffic towards your Website. Anyone who makes such lofty promises most likely also sells magic stick that will make any wish fulfill.

Like the majority of things valuable, search engine optimization requires at least a modest time to be honestly flourished. Luckily, it’s an investment that rewards you generously when you know the actual right steps to do SEO

With Trillions of searches being happening daily, how does an online business strike into this far-fetched market prospective? You must come into sight near the top of the result pages for search keywords that are concerned with your business. That means the search engine must find your Web site’s content more related to a given search term or query or keyword than the millions of other pages in Search Engine’s index.

Just submitting your website and hoping to get enormous traffic and rankings running towards the site will be just like day dream. In its place you must understand the Search Engine Algorithm to attain Top Rankings. To industry Gurus, this process is called Search engine optimization or SEO.

To get free regular traffic for your Website via SEO requires the following steps to be followed:

Step 1 Keyword Selection – With dozens of keyword suggestion tools available on the internet, it’s not that hard to make a list of target keywords for your site. But, make a balance in between high traffic and niche keywords related with your business. High traffic keywords alone would not be manageable by you as competition will tough, so make mix low traffic keywords as well.

Step 2 Measure your rankings – Before you can improve your positions, you must know where you rank for the keywords and phrases that are related to your business’s products and services. If you did your job in step 1, who knows you could have positions in result pages on your niche keywords.

Step 3 Page Creation and Optimization – This is the most important of all the steps stated here. Proper placement keywords in Meta tags, headings, anchor text will make your website perfect for SEO.

Step 4 Submitting – This is perhaps the best known of the these steps and includes all types of submissions like directory submission, article submission, forum submission, press release submission and various other types of link submissions.

Step 5 Traffic and Revenue Tracking – Ultimately, it is not top rankings you are after, but more traffic and sales. So, calculate the loss and profit of running your website and also keep an eye on Traffic source through any analytics tools available online.

Follow up and fine-tuning – It’s essential to determine your rankings at least monthly. While some of the pages in your website may rank well for a year or more without change, most pages will require refinements as the search engines change their ranking algorithm, and more new pages do come online day by day.

SEO may seem like a daunting task at first glance. However, you’d be surprised at how much a tool like WebPosition Gold can organize and simplify the process for you.

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