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Traffic Generation – How To Advertise Your Site For Free

With all the information out there about getting traffic to your website, the prospect of getting enough visitors to your site for you to make a profit might sound daunting, but if you use low-cost or free advertising methods, then you have nothing but a win-win situation. Employing low-cost or free traffic generation strategies can transform your yet-to-be-seen website into an online success story.

Here are some strategies you can use to attract visitors to your website without having to spend a cent!

1. Article Marketing.

Article marketing is the process of writing an article that mentions your website in the byline or “about the author” box, and submitting it to article directories and e-zines to bring targeted visitors to your site. It’s as simple as that. And since there are thousands of e-zines and article directories on the web, you can submit your articles in many different places and multiply your results. Even better, most article directories allow other people looking for great content to use the articles published on their site, as long as the author’s byline is included. This means that your articles can be syndicated and spread around the web for YEARS without any extra effort on your part. Just imagine all the free publicity that can mean for your site!

2. Exchanging Links.

Exchanging links or getting other sites to link to yours can be a POWERFUL way to get lots of free traffic to your website. This is a traffic generation strategy that tends to be overlooked, which makes it all the better for you if you take advantage of it. When you get incoming links from other websites
, not only do you benefit from that site’s visitors, but you can also benefit from higher rankings in the search engines. The more popular the site is that links to you, the better your ranking. And higher rankings mean more visibility and more traffic! A great way to get links to your site is to do a Google search and type in keywords that someone might use when searching for your product or service. Then, do a Google Pagerank check (you can find free pagerank checkers with a Google search as well) for the sites that come up in the results. Make a list of the highest ranking sites, and find the contact information (look for somewhere on the site that says “contact” or “links”) and contact them to suggest a link exchange.

3. Forum Marketing

Find forums in your website’s industry and get involved in discussions there. This is a great way of establishing credibility as someone who knows what they’re talking about as well as learning from others and therefore becoming even more knowledgeable about your industry. Focus on adding massive value to the discussions there, and people will be motivated to go to your website (linked to in your forum signature) to learn more. Another benefit of forum marketing is that it gives you a first-hand look into questions and problems that people in your industry have, so that you know exactly what kinds of products and services (ie: solutions to problems) people are looking for. And again, the best part is this doesn’t cost you any money at all!

These are three absolutely free and easy to implement strategies that can start sending traffic to your site very quickly. Take advantage of them, because unlike in the offline world, you can make a lot of money online without having to spend any.